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About Corinne Seither Morrissey

Assistant Professor Corinne Seither Morrissey has served as director of the Academic Achievement Program at The John Marshall Law School since 1990. She also serves as a pro bono practitioner with Chicago Volunteer Legal Services.
She holds a BA from Swarthmore College and a JD from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law. She also completed the course work for a MA in U.S. history at the University of Chicago.
In 1969, Morrissey joined Baker & McKenzie as the non-lawyer administrator of the litigation department and continued in that position while attending Loyola University School of Law. Upon receiving her JD she became an associate in the Litigation Department of the Chicago office of Baker & McKenzie. She left the firm when she married now deceased Visiting Professor Francis D. Morrissey who chaired the Litigation Department at that time. She joined the John Marshall staff in January 1990 in the newly created position of director of Academic Achievement.
Morrissey has been an active member of the Union League Club of Chicago since 1993. She is a past president of the Union League Civic & Arts Foundation and an active supporter of the club's Boys & Girls Club and Chicago Engineers Foundation. She serves on the board of the Chicago 502, a Union League Club civilian support group for those serving in the armed forces. Morrissey also serves on the board of the American Opera Society. She is a past president of the Friends of American Writers. She also serves on the Board of the Chicago Literary Club and the Jackson Shores Cooperative Association.

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