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Unpublished Paper
Teaching the U.S. v. Arizona Immigration Law Case
  • Corey A Ciocchetti, University of Denver

Arizona v. U.S. was one of the most anticipated decisions of the Supreme Court's October 2011 term. The case pits the state of Arizona and its immigration policy of "attrition through enforcement" against a much less aggressive federal immigration policy under President Obama.

These slides help tell the story and can be used to teach the case as well as important constitutional law issues such as: (1) enumerated powers, (2) preemption, (3) federalism, (4) state sovereignty and more.

  • Immigration,
  • U.S. v. Arizona,
  • Preemption,
  • Supremacy Clause,
  • Article I,
  • Section VIII
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Corey A Ciocchetti. "Teaching the U.S. v. Arizona Immigration Law Case" (2013)
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