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Mouse-Tracking Reveals When the Stroop Effect Happens.
The Ohio Psychologist
  • Sara Incera, Cleveland State University
  • Theresa A. Markis, Cleveland State University
  • Conor T. McLennan, Cleveland State University
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We examined the continuous dynamics of the Stroop task using mouse-tracking. Participants moved the computer mouse to indicate the color of words presented on the computer screen in both congruent (blue in blue font) and incongruent (blue in yellow font) conditions. Mouse-tracking data revealed significant differences in reaction times, spatial attraction, and velocity. In the Stroop effect, word reading and color processing influenced performance, but they did so differently: Word reading influenced the early part of the mouse trajectory, but color processing influenced later parts. The data provide important new information about the real time processing dynamics underlying the effect.
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Sara Incera, Theresa A. Markis and Conor T. McLennan. "Mouse-Tracking Reveals When the Stroop Effect Happens." The Ohio Psychologist Vol. 2013 Iss. August (2013) p. 33 - 34
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