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Beyond Reproach: Ethics in School Administration
Public and Private School Administration: An Overview in Christian Perspective (2013)
  • Constance "Connie" Pearson, Liberty University
In the last 25 years or more, ethical issues regarding school boards, school administrators, teachers, parents, and even students have come to the forefront. Frequently in the news are incidents of administrators embezzling monies from their schools or school systems, teachers changing student responses on high-stakes tests, teacher candidates falsifying application documents, and students cheating on tests and mercilessly bullying classmates—to name only a few. These high-profile cases must be dealt with at some level, but just as important are those daily ethical decisions that must be addressed by the administrator. This chapter deals with the principles upon which ethical decisions should be made by the Christian educator, whether in a public or private venue. Topics found in this chapter include the theoretical, biblical, and historical perspectives of ethical decision making; the related research and its relation to the Interstate School Leaders Licensur4e Consortium (ISLLC) standards; particular examples in the news; and policy implications for the Christian educational leader.
  • schools,
  • administration,
  • ethics,
  • private
Publication Date
Spring 2013
In Samuel J. Smith and James A. Swezey
Kendall Hunt Publishing Company
Citation Information
Constance "Connie" Pearson. "Beyond Reproach: Ethics in School Administration" Dubuque, IAPublic and Private School Administration: An Overview in Christian Perspective (2013)
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