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Two Community Collaborations with Sexual Minority Women’s NGOs in Shanghai & Hong Kong
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  • Connie Chan, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Hsin-Ching Wu, University of Massachusetts Boston
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Based on research with sexual minority communities in the United States, Connie Chan, professor of public policy and public affairs, conducted comparative research with community groups in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. She provided capacity building training and resources directly to the organization which provides outreach and service to sexual minority women and girls in Shanghai, China. Professor Chan also supported Queer Sisters – an NGO that provides advocacy and community outreach to sexual minority girls and women in Hong Kong – by co-creating a needs assessment survey and helping them to interview their membership in Hong Kong. Connie Chan collaborated with these NGOs to help produce an outreach publication and website. She also trained community members to conduct surveys and questionnaires to gather data for their reports and assisted the organizations in building capacity for funding and organizational support. Chan and her students continue to provide assistance to the group through Skype and email communication.
A partnership between the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, UMass Boston; Shanghai Lalas, Shanghai, China; and Queer Sisters, Hong Kong, China.
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Yes, this is community-engaged.
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Connie Chan and Hsin-Ching Wu. "Two Community Collaborations with Sexual Minority Women’s NGOs in Shanghai & Hong Kong" (2014)
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