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Distributing Vertices on Hamiltonian Cycles
Journal of Graph Theory
  • Ralph J. Faudree, University of Memphis
  • Ronald Gould, Emory University
  • Michael S. Jacobson, University of Colorado at Denver
  • Colton Magnant, Georgia Southern University
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Let G be a graph of order n and 3≤tn/4 be an integer. Recently, Kaneko and Yoshimoto [J Combin Theory Ser B 81(1) (2001), 100–109] provided a sharp δ(G) condition such that for any set X of t vertices, G contains a hamiltonian cycle H so that the distance along H between any two vertices of X is at least n/2t. In this article, minimum degree and connectivity conditions are determined such that for any graph G of sufficiently large order n and for any set of t vertices XV(G), there is a hamiltonian cycle H so that the distance along H between any two consecutive vertices of X is approximately n/t. Furthermore, the minimum degree threshold is determined for the existence of a hamiltonian cycle H such that the vertices of X appear in a prescribed order at approximately predetermined distances along H.

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Ralph J. Faudree, Ronald Gould, Michael S. Jacobson and Colton Magnant. "Distributing Vertices on Hamiltonian Cycles" Journal of Graph Theory Vol. 69 Iss. 1 (2012) p. 28 - 45 ISSN: 1097-0118
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