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What do emergency physicians think of the law?
Emergency Medicine Australasia
  • Ben White, Queensland University of Technology
  • Lindly Willmott, Queensland University of Technology
  • Malcolm Parker, University of Queensland
  • Colleen M Cartwright, Southern Cross University
  • Gail Williams, University of Queensland
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Peer Reviewed
The authors reflect on the knowledge that emergency physicians have of law as it pertains to end of life care and on a research project funded by the Australian Research Council which will investigate the legal knowledge that medical specialists have. They suggest that an improved understanding of law will help doctors manage legal risk and reduce possible exposure to criminal, civil or disciplinary action. They argue that the research may lead to better outcomes for patients and their families.
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White, B, Wilmott, L, Parker, M, Cartwright, C & Williams, G 2012, 'What do emergency physicians think of the law?', Emergency Medicine Australasia, vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 355-356.

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