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About Professor Colleen M Cartwright

Professor Colleen Cartwright PhD (UQ), MPH (UQ), B Soc Wk (Hons) (UQ), ADA (Drama) (NRCAE).
Professor Cartwright is Foundation Professor of Aged Services and Director of the ASLaRC Aged Services Unit at Southern Cross University.
Her work encompasses ageing issues in areas as diverse as the challenges of an ageing population, affordable housing for older people, older workers and end-of-life issues. She has extensive teaching and research experience in ageing, ethics and medical decisions at the end of life, at national and international levels, with publications in major journals and a number of book chapters.
Professor Cartwright designed the Advance Health Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney forms that are part of the Queensland Powers of Attorney Act (1998), and adapted the Qld Advance Directive to meet NSW legislative provisions. She regularly runs information and training sessions for community and health professional groups on ethical and legal issues relating to care at the end of life, including pain relief as a human right, advance care planning, informed consent and capacity, issues for carers and the special challenges of caring for people with dementia. She has been a member of the Australian Association of Gerontology for more than 20 years.


Present Adjunct Professor, Rural Clinical School, University of New South Wales
Present Emeritus Professor, Southern Cross University Office of Vice Chancellor

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