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"What Do You Mean I Wrote a C Paper?" Writing, Revision, and Self Regulation
Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching
  • Mark Feltham, Fanshawe College
  • Colleen M. Sharen, Brescia University College
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Students often express surprise at their grades on papers. This gap between expectation and achievement may stem in part from lack of facility with revision strategies. How, then, can teachers work with their students to foster more effective revisions? This question in teaching and learning has inspired an interdisciplinary collaboration: one of us is a management and leadership professor (Sharen), and the other is an English/communication professor (Feltham). In this essay, we describe a research study from winter 2013 in which we explored how a series of interventions improved students’ mindsets about the process of drafting and revising reports for a second-year-university course entitled “Women and Leadership.” After outlining key aspects of this study that we feel are of general interest, we then present a series of reflective suggestions about how to teach revision derived from both our experiences and a selective survey of the literature on both revision and self-regulation.

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Mark Feltham and Colleen M. Sharen. ""What Do You Mean I Wrote a C Paper?" Writing, Revision, and Self Regulation" Collected Essays on Learning and Teaching Vol. 8 (2015) p. 111 - 146
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