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Stand Your Ground Law: Charging or Blocking?
Prosecutor's Discretion Blawg (2012)
  • Colin W. Maguire

Since the death of Florida teen Treyvon Martin, controversey swirls around Florida's Stand Your Ground Law. Other states passed similar or identical laws in recent years, making discussion of the law a national issue. This blawg post explores a real-world analogy to help determine what Stand Your Ground Laws truly require of a victim - blocks versus charges in basketball. Concepts of movement and defensive traits may prove important to an in-depth discussion of Stand Your Ground Law, and this short piece proposes a novel method for that analysis.

  • Blocking,
  • Stand Your Ground,
  • Duty to Retreat
Publication Date
Summer July 7, 2012
Citation Information
Colin W. Maguire. "Stand Your Ground Law: Charging or Blocking?" Prosecutor's Discretion Blawg (2012)
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