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OAI/PMH Metadata Conformance to DLF/Aquifer MODS Guidelines
Library Scholarship
  • Colin J. Koteles, College of DuPage
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The DLF/Aquifer Implementation Guidelines for Shareable MODS Records were created to facilitate the creation of rich, sharable metadata for use in aggregated digital humanities collections. While guideline creators recognize most data providers do not meet criteria set forth in this document, this study attempts to quantify current levels of conformance to the base requirements set forth by DLF/Aquifer MODS guidelines. By analyzing collections for which MODS records are currently available to OAI-PMH service providers, predictions can be made as to both the nature and extent of future normalization processes required by service providers and the nature and extent of training and education required by data providers wishing to expose MODS records that are useful in a variety of contexts.
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Colin J. Koteles. "OAI/PMH Metadata Conformance to DLF/Aquifer MODS Guidelines" (2008)
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