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About Colby Dickinson

My research primarily focuses on the intersection between theology, continental philosophy and the philosophy of religion. I have published on such philosophical authors such as Giorgio Agamben, Jacques Derrida, Walter Benjamin, Emmanuel Levinas, Paul Ricoeur, Judith Butler, Jan Assmann, and Rene Girard, and on such literary figures as Jean Genet, Paul Celan, Fernando Pessoa, Wallace Stevens and Adrienne Rich. Specifically, at present, my research interests include the genre of spiritual memoir/autobiography, faith and object-oriented thought (B. Latour), the relationship between fetishism and sacramental theology, canons and canonical forms, developing a better 'method of immanence' (M. Blondel), forming a 'non-defensive apologetics' (following H. R. Niebuhr) and tracing the historical and theoretical permutations of antinomian thought.


2012 Present Assistant Professor, Loyola University Chicago Department of Theology

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