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The Sporting Image What If? An Anthology of Creative Writing Based Upon Real Events in Sport
  • Clive A Palmer, University of Central Lancashire
The focus of this book is to take a sideways look at iconic features in sport; characters, events, artefacts and general goings-on. By considering the notion of ‘What If?’ reality has been re-interpreted and presented differently through a medium of creative writing. Each chapter has some underpinning research which is intended to illustrate where the creative story departs from reality. The research aspect is also to give a sense of plausibility for a range of different outcomes which are ostensibly possible for some famous people in sport. Through the conflict created for these characters we find many ‘good apples’ in sport who may have been rotten to the core (and vice-versa) and some ‘juicy’ dialogue leads them to novel endings, altered events and new milestones in an augmented life-history. These are the kind of things envisaged by the authors in What If?, always for dramatic effect and often with moral tales lurking not too far behind the scenes. Included in What If? are trials and tribulations for: Muhammad Ali, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tensing, Mike Tyson, Thierry Henry, Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter, Jesse Owens and Hitler, Rio Ferdinand, Duncan Edwards, Dame Kelly Holmes, Roman Abramovich, Michael Schumacher and many more…
Publication Date
Clive Palmer
SSTO Publications
Citation Information
Palmer, C. (Ed.) (2010) The sporting image: what if? - an anthology of creative writing based upon real-life events in sport. SSTO Publications, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. ISBN: 978-0-9566270-0-1