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A Life Course Investigation of Economic Pressure in Emerging Adulthood
Consumer Interests Annual
  • Clinton G. Gudmunson, Iowa State University
  • Virginia Solis Zuiker, Iowa State University
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This study investigates whether economic pressure in emerging adulthood is influenced by childhood social background and differing patterns of entry into adult roles. More specifically, gender, ethnicity-race, parent SES, family structure, and high school GPA may influence the coordinated movements into adult roles such as the timing of moving away from home, completing an education, full-time work, marriage, and parenthood. We looked at individual patterns of financial economic pressure as it changed over time from ages 25-31.

This article is from Consumer Interests Annual 58 (2012): 10 pp. Posted with permission.

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American Council on Consumer Interests
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Clinton G. Gudmunson and Virginia Solis Zuiker. "A Life Course Investigation of Economic Pressure in Emerging Adulthood" Consumer Interests Annual Vol. 58 (2012) p. 1 - 10
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