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Standardized Mathematics Testing Success without Substandard Classes: Part 1
  • Clayton M. Edwards, University of Northern Iowa
In an era in which schools are fighting to stay off state watch lists because of standardized tests, many of these institutions revert to simplifyingcurriculum, eliminating courses like social studies and science for extra math,and extensively practicing multiple-choice material. As a middle school math teacher entering my 12th year of teaching, I’ve been on the wrong end of a few standardized test results early in my career. I’ve worked to become a better teacher who garners better results, as noted from this MTMS article co-written with Brian Townsend. I’ve learned from my mistakes and can offer a few simple ideas that should help your standardized testing experience be more successful and less stressful while keeping high mathematical standards intact.
  • Standardized testing
Publication Date
October 10, 2014
Citation Information
Clayton M. Edwards. "Standardized Mathematics Testing Success without Substandard Classes: Part 1" (2014)
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