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The international research of academic economists in Brazil: 1999-2006.
Economia Aplicada (2007)
  • Claudio D Shikida
  • Ari F Araujo Jr
  • Joao R Faria, Nottingham Trent University

This paper extends Faria (2000) analysis to the period of 1999-2006. The study analyzes the production of 750 Brazilian academic economists from 31 departments of economics with graduate programs. At individual level, only 12 out of 750 economists managed to publish at least one paper in the top journals of economics, and 96 economists published at least one paper in a wide list of international journals. The areas in which Brazilian research is most internationally successful are: Applied Economics, Development Economics, Mathematical Economics and Post-keynesian Economics. There is a remarkable difference in quality among departments. The performance of departments depends on isolated individuals efforts and achievements. The results show that Brazilian academic research in economics has improved. The total numbers of international papers published, of researchers publishing in international journals, and departments with members with international publications have increased during this period.

  • Rankings of Economics Departments,
  • Role of the Economists
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Claudio D Shikida, Ari F Araujo Jr and Joao R Faria. "The international research of academic economists in Brazil: 1999-2006." Economia Aplicada Vol. 11 Iss. 3 (2007)
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