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Why Some States Fail: The Role of Culture
Cato Journal (2001)
  • claudio d shikida
  • Ari F Araujo Jr
  • Pedro H.C.G. Sant´Anna, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

There are many studies on the relationship between economic development and institutions. Institutions can be classified as formal or informal. This article emphasizes the importance of the relationship between culture (informal institutions) and the quality of public goods supplied by the government, using a measure of state failure: the Failed States Index. The results suggest that culture is more important than formal institutions in explaining differences in the degree to which states fail.

  • failed states index,
  • culture
Publication Date
Winter 2001
Citation Information
claudio d shikida, Ari F Araujo Jr and Pedro H.C.G. Sant´Anna. "Why Some States Fail: The Role of Culture" Cato Journal Vol. 31 Iss. 1 (2001)
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