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About Claudio Lupi

I am Professor of Business and Economic Statistics in the Department of Economics, Management, Society, and Institutions at the University of Molise (Italy).
I received my PhDs from the University of Naples and the University of Oxford, the latter under the direction of Prof. Sir David F. Hendry.
My primary research interests include
economic time series analysis and
forecasting (Unit roots and cointegration; Forecasting; Business cycle analysis and indicators), nonstationary panel data (Panel unit roots; Multiple testing in panels of economic time series), quarterly national accounts estimation (Estimation methods of official statistics and their consequences on models of economic behaviour), applied labour economics (Unemployment; Wages; Wage expectations; Regional disparities).


Present Professor of Business & Economic Statistics, University of Molise

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University of Molise
Department of Economics
Via F. De Sanctis
I-86100 Campobasso (Italy)


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