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Unemployment scarring in high unemployment regions
Economics Bulletin (2002)
  • Claudio Lupi, University of Molise
  • Patrizia Ordine, University of Calabria

This paper investigates the effect of individual unemployment experiences on re-employment wages. The empirical analysis is carried out on a panel of Italian individuals. The main result is that while in the northern regions the effect is similar to the one estimated for the UK, in the southern area of the country the impact is not significant. We link this result to the particular socio-economic environment in which the unemployment spells are experienced. We argue that this might be due to the fact that in a high unemployment environment individual unemployment experiences are perceived as "normal" and do not necessarily signal poor quality of the worker. This might have effects in inducing the hysteresis of unemployment, and reducing the downward pressure of unemployment on wages at the macro level.

  • Unemployment,
  • Wages,
  • Regional disparities
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Claudio Lupi and Patrizia Ordine. "Unemployment scarring in high unemployment regions" Economics Bulletin Vol. 10 Iss. 2 (2002)
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