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Localizing Urban Design Traditions: Gated and Edge Cities in Curitiba
Journal of Urban Design (2006)
  • Clara Irazabal, Columbia University
Gated communities and edge cities are new forms of space production and consumption that promote changes in the character of public space and citizens' participation in public life. This study unveils the phenomena of their creation as a paradoxical attempt to return to community. Curitiba's examples of gated communities and edge cities show that, despite being internationally showcased as a model of good planning and urban design, this metropolis has not been immune to the global capital pressures and urban design tendencies occurring in many urban areas throughout the world, thus signalling both the currency and trans-nationality of these issues.
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Clara Irazabal. "Localizing Urban Design Traditions: Gated and Edge Cities in Curitiba" Journal of Urban Design Vol. 11 (2006)
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