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About Claire M. Renzetti

Claire Renzetti, Ph.D. currently serves as the Judi Conway Patton Endowed Chair in the Center for Research on Violence Against Women. She also serves as Professor and Chair in the Department of Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Delaware.
Dr. Renzetti is an internationally recognized scholar on gender and crime issues. Her research and community engagement have received regional and national recognition, most recently by the Women and Crime Division of the American Society of Criminology, from whom she received the Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice, an award that recognizes a criminologist whose professional accomplishments have increased the quality of justice and the level of safety for women.
Much of Dr. Renzetti’s research has focused on the violent victimization experiences of socially and economically marginalized groups of women, including women living in poverty and women in same-sex intimate partnerships. Her current research focuses on human trafficking, particularly domestic sex trafficking, as well as services for trafficking victims. She also examines the effects of religiosity and religious self-regulation on intimate partner violence perpetration and victimization. Additionally, she evaluates the potential benefits of a therapeutic horticulture program for residents of a battered women's shelter.


Present Judi Conway Patton Endowed Chair for Studies of Violence Against Women, University of Kentucky Center for Research on Violence Against Women
Present Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences

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Department of Sociology
University of Kentucky
1561 Patterson Office Tower
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Phone: 859-257-4415
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