About Claire B. Rubin

Claire B. Rubin is the Co-Founder and former Managing Editor of JHSEM. New: CEO of The Disaster Bookstore (www.disasterbookstore.com).
Ms Rubin heads her own small research and consulting firm, Claire B. Rubin & Associates, in Arlington, VA. (http://www.clairerubin.com). She has 33 years of experience in the fields of emergency management and homeland security.


Present President, Claire B. Rubin & Associates, LLC

Research Interests

Emergency Management, Homeland Security, and Public Administration, Public Policy, History of Emergency Management, Long-Term Recovery

Honors and Awards

  • Received 2009 Dr. Wayne Blanchard Award "for academic excellence in emergency management higher education." June 2009
  • Winner of 2008 Book award for EM History book

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