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Unpublished Paper
Surrealist Castle Culture: Gothic Traces in Surrealist Aesthetics
MA Thesis (2010)
  • Claire E Parker, Western University

This thesis examines the relationship between the twentieth-century Surrealist movement and the nineteenth-century Gothic novel. In "Limits not Frontiers of Surrealism (1936) Surrealist leader André Breton introduced "the castle problem," and in doing so, he urged his followers to find a modern equivalent to the Gothic castle, a place where marvelous events are bound to occur. This thesis demonstrates that Gothic leitmotifs, most often the medieval castle, continually resurface in Surrealist writing, painting and collage, and puts forth several explanations as to why the Surrealists were attracted to the Gothic novel.

  • André Breton,
  • gothic novels,
  • Max Ernst,
  • medieval revival,
  • Remedios Varo
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Claire E Parker. "Surrealist Castle Culture: Gothic Traces in Surrealist Aesthetics" MA Thesis (2010)
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