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Histiocytic sarcoma in 14 miniature schnauzers: A new breed predisposition
Journal of Small Animal Practice (2017)
  • Jennifer A Lenz
  • Eva Furrow
  • Linden E. Craig, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Claire M Cannon

To describe a series of miniature schnauzers diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma and assess for possible breed predisposition.

Medical records of miniature schnauzers with a diagnosis of histiocytic sarcoma between January 2008 and April 2015 were reviewed. Data collected included signalment, body weight, presenting complaint, date of diagnosis, clinicopathologic and diagnostic imaging findings, treatment, therapeutic response, date of death or last follow-up and necropsy findings. Breed predisposition was assessed with odds ratios, using breed-matched dogs without histiocytic sarcoma admitted during the study period as controls. Pedigree analysis was performed for dogs with available registration information.

Fourteen miniature schnauzers were diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma during the study period, making them over-represented among the hospital population (odds ratio=4·8, P=0·0009). Disease was considered localised in ten dogs and disseminated in four. Of the dogs with localised disease, nine were diagnosed with primary pulmonary histiocytic sarcoma based on the presence of a large pulmonary mass with (n=7) or without (n=2) evidence of intra-thoracic metastasis, and one had gastric histiocytic sarcoma with nodal metastasis. Treatments varied, but an aggressive clinical course was found in most patients. Pedigree analysis revealed a recent common ancestor for a subset of the dogs assessed.

Miniature schnauzers were over-represented among dogs with histiocytic sarcoma in this patient population. Pedigree analysis supports an inherited risk factor, which has not previously been suggested in the breed. Primary pulmonary involvement with or without intra-thoracic metastasis was common in this cohort.
Publication Date
May 25, 2017
Citation Information
Jennifer A Lenz, Eva Furrow, Linden E. Craig and Claire M Cannon. "Histiocytic sarcoma in 14 miniature schnauzers: A new breed predisposition" Journal of Small Animal Practice (2017)
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