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About Claire Cannon

Cancer is a leading cause of death in animals, especially dogs and cats. Dr. Cannon's focus is on providing animals and their owners the best options for treatment of cancer. Her major research interest is in translating new therapies from the laboratory into clinical trials that may directly benefit animals with cancer and help lead to new insights into cancer in both animals and people. She has a particular interest in cancers in cats, especially oral squamous cell carcinoma, which is a devastating disease.
Dr. Cannon completed her veterinary education in her home country of Australia and worked for two years in mixed animal practice (i.e. large and small animals) before completing an internship at the Animal Referral Hospital in Sydney. It was here that she realized that she wanted to specialize in oncology in order to educate pet owners, veterinary students, veterinarians and the wider community about cancer in animals and the many options available for treatment. She moved to Minnesota in 2009 in order to undertake an oncology residency. Following her residency training, she completed a one year research fellowship and was on faculty at the University of Tennessee and the University of Minnesota before returning to Australia in 2017 to take up a position at the University of Melbourne U-Vet Animal Hospital.


Present Faculty Member, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Research Interests

Veterinary Oncology

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