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Urban Climate and Challenges of Tropical Cities
Confluence Journal of Environmental Studies (2011)
  • B E Omogbai

This study examines the nature of urban climate, features and the challenges on the developing tropical cities in the 21st century. It argues that the use of principles of urban climate would help in providing comfortable living conditions and problem immune working environments for the inhabitants of tropical cities. The findings reveal that owing to poor environmental planning, inadequate geotechnical landscape surveys prior to the development of urban infrastructures, and non-adherence to the principles of urban climate, challenges of landscape degradation, excessive flooding of the built infrastructures, heat-island effects, and collapse of buildings have emerged. Suggested measures to avert these deplorable conditions in the developing tropical cities include moderate turn-out of rough surfaces, even spacing of buildings, green zone rehabilitation, controlled disposal of wastes, utilization of suitable building materials, establishment of climate data-banks, adherence to urban climate principles, and employment of skilful personnel for project execution and monitoring.

  • urban climate,
  • principles,
  • Tropical City,
  • Features,
  • Application
Publication Date
July 14, 2011
Citation Information
B E Omogbai. "Urban Climate and Challenges of Tropical Cities" Confluence Journal of Environmental Studies Vol. 6 (2011)
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