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Rainfall variability and Crop Zones classification for the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria
Confluence Journal of Environmental Studies (2012)
  • Shaibu M Hassan, PhD

This study aims at analyzing agro-climatological parameters and establishing a link between some selected agro-climatological indices and sustainability of agricultural production in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Two sets of data, climatic and crop yield data were collected and subjected to various agro-climatological analyses. Agro-climatological analyses include the derivation of Onset, Cessation and Length of Rainy Season (LRS), Seasonality Index, Drought Index and Precipitation Periodicity Index. The statistical analyses include monthly and annual means, deviation from the mean, trend line. The result of moisture index in line with crops optimum moisture requirement was used to classify the Territory into agro-climatic zones for crop production. The result of the climatic indices revealed that although rainfall has declined throughout the study period, the results from other derived rainfall parameters showed that the region has done well in terms of crop yield. Temperature and humidity have appreciated during the study period owing not to global warming alone but also to some anthropogenic activities, particularly deforestation through the activities of fuel wood and charcoal business within the territory. The uniqueness of the rainfall pattern was very clear (increasing from south to north). Another important feature is the division of the region into two climatic zones by the PP Index. The result in the characterization of the territory into crop-ecological zones revealed three ecological zones whose rainfall is zonal in orientation- (1) the southern humid zone, (2) the mid-central sub humid zone and (3) the north-east humid zone. It is therefore recommended that further studies be carried out on trends of agro-climatic conditions in the study area

  • Rainfall variability,
  • seasonality index,
  • precipitation,
  • periodicity index,
  • crop zones FCT
Publication Date
January 8, 2012
Citation Information
Shaibu M Hassan. "Rainfall variability and Crop Zones classification for the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria" Confluence Journal of Environmental Studies Vol. 7 (2012)
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