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What’s the future of systems librarian and systems librarianship?
Library Information Technology Association (2013)
  • Xiaohua (Cindy) Li, Sacred Heart University
  • Hong Ma, Loyola University Chicago

There has not been a clear definition of what a system librarian should be, and the definition now is even blurry. Since cloud computing becomes the paradigm for many organizations to manage their IT infrastructure and the advancement of library discovery services start to break the traditional model of the functions of library automation systems, the nature of system librarian jobs is undergoing dramatic changes. The uncertainty of the future arouses the concerns of system librarians. Facing the transformation that technology brings to the library world, system librarians have to choose either to sink in the sea change or take it as an opportunity to thrive. The discussion will focus on the opportunities that system librarians, especially in academic institutions will have, and how they can take advantage of their talents and expertise and walk beyond their comfort zone to collaborate with different types of technology users.

  • system librarians,
  • system librarianship,
  • library technological development trend,
  • MOOCs
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Xiaohua (Cindy) Li and Hong Ma. "What’s the future of systems librarian and systems librarianship?" Library Information Technology Association (2013)
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