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The Darien Statements: Why Should You Decide Your Own Core Philosophy?
Public Libraries of Western Australia (2011)
  • Cindi Trainor, Eastern Kentucky University
  • John Blyberg
  • Kathryn Greenhill, Curtin University of Technology

What is a library, why does it exist and what role do librarians play in the future?

In April 2009, John Blyberg, Kathryn Greenhill and Cindi Trainor - regular commentators on library technology - sat down at Darien Library in Connecticut to formulate their own personal statement of the role of the library and librarians. They wanted to tease out how international activism by librarians constituted librarianship and whether by looking at these actions they could find a set of principles to guide their daily decisions and planning in their libraries.

The resultant 500 word "Darien Statements on Librarians and Librarianship" was published at It has received over 100 comments - both positive and critical.

This session aims to be a discussion rather than presentation, with the topic decided by the audience. John, Cindi and Kathryn will give a bit of background to the what, why and how of writing the statements and then turn over to the audience for a facilitated discussion. Possibilities are why it is useful to forumulate your own guiding principles about why you come to work , or a discussion of the issues covered in the Darien Statements, or about how future technologies will impact on librarians' ability to serve their communities.

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Publication Date
April 1, 2011
Citation Information
Cindi Trainor, John Blyberg and Kathryn Greenhill. "The Darien Statements: Why Should You Decide Your Own Core Philosophy?" Public Libraries of Western Australia (2011)
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