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About Cima Sedigh

Dr. Sedigh has been a professor of education at Sacred Heart University since 1999. With undergraduate degrees in languages and science, she obtained her masters in Early Childhood Education and her doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Hartford.
A committed educator, researcher, and activist, Dr. Sedigh’s work has followed the resolutions of the United Nations in the field of Peace Education and Equity Education. Her work has centered on promoting a global vision through understanding and appreciating diversity. She has accomplished this through numerous research projects, art exhibits, symposia, cultural events and film making. Her most recent film, Bakhtiari Alphabet, drowned a series of events promoting cultural and educational diversity.
Dr. Sedigh has not contented herself with just teaching, research and hosting exceptional events. She has also acted in partnership with the United Nations and its specialized agencies, non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), educational institutions, and citizen networks to advance education for the underprivileged through construction of Schools on three continents.
To conduct research on tribal education, she has traveled extensively to different regions of Iran for the past eight years. She has delivered lectures nationally and internationally on tribal education, has published several articles, and recently has directed and produced a documentary film “Bakhtiari Alphabet” on the life and education among the Bakhtiari nomads of Iran. She is a prolific grant generator and the recipient of national and international awards. 
Dr. Sedigh is an advisory board member for several national and international organizations and the founder of Global Education and Health Alliance.
Her goal remains the advancement of human development through experiences that cultivate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to achieve and sustain a global culture of understanding, acceptance and peace.


1999 - Present Associate Professor Teacher Education, Sacred Heart University Isabelle Farrington College of Education

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Honors and Awards

  • 2007 Joseph Grau Action for Justice Award

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Teacher Education 
West Campus West Building WCW*WD304 
Isabelle Farrington College of Education