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A Computational Intelligence Approach to System-of-Systems Architecting Incorporating Multi-Objective Optimization
Procedia Computer Science
  • David M. Curry
  • Cihan H. Dagli, Missouri University of Science and Technology

A computational intelligence approach to system-of-systems architecting is developed using multi-objective optimization. Such an approach yields a set of optimal solutions (the Pareto set) which has both advantages and disadvantages. The primary benefit is that a set of solutions provides a picture of the optimal solution space that a single solution cannot. The primary difficulty is making use of a potentially infinite set of solutions. Therefore, a significant part of this approach is the development of a method to model the solution set with a finite number of points allowing the architect to intelligently choose a subset of optimal solutions based on criteria outside of the given objectives. The approach developed incorporates a meta-architecture, multi-objective genetic algorithm, and a corner search to identify points useful for modeling the solution space. This approach is then applied to a network centric warfare problem seeking the optimum selection of twenty systems. Finally, using the same problem, it is compared to a hybrid approach using single-objective optimization with a fuzzy logic assessor to demonstrate the advantage of multi-objective optimization.

Meeting Name
2015 Conference on Systems Engineering Research (2015: Mar. 17-19, Hoboken, New Jersey)
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
Keywords and Phrases
  • Algorithms,
  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Computation theory,
  • Evolutionary algorithms,
  • Fuzzy logic,
  • Gallium,
  • Genetic algorithms,
  • Military applications,
  • Network architecture,
  • Optimal systems,
  • Optimization,
  • System of systems,
  • Systems engineering,
  • Engineering research,
  • Architecting,
  • MOEA,
  • MOP,
  • Multi objective evolutionary algorithms,
  • Multi-objective optimization problem,
  • SoS,
  • Multiobjective optimization,
  • GA,
  • Meta-Architecture,
  • Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm,
  • System-of-Systems
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Article - Conference proceedings
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 4.0
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David M. Curry and Cihan H. Dagli. "A Computational Intelligence Approach to System-of-Systems Architecting Incorporating Multi-Objective Optimization" Procedia Computer Science Vol. 44 Iss. C (2015) p. 86 - 94 ISSN: 1877-0509
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