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Web page design and network analysis
Internet Research
  • Hakman A. WAN
  • Chi Wai CHUNG, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
Document Type
Journal article
Publication Date
  • Computer networks,
  • Hypertext,
  • Systems analysis,
  • Systems design
This research project looks at problems in Web site design from the perspective of network analysis. In view of the similarity between the hypertext structure of Web pages and a generic network, the authors find in network analysis several concepts and theories that could provide some insight for Web site design. In this paper, the problem of home page location and the control of number of Web pages and their links are described. Solutions to these problems are discussed.
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Wan, H. A., & Chung, C. W. (1998). Web page design and network analysis. Internet Research, 8(2), 115-122. doi: 10.1108/10662249810211494