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About Chuanmin Hu

Nearly all marine life depends on light. My research is focused on addressing coastal ocean problems using primarily optics. These problems include river-ocean interactions (transport and transform of particulate and dissolved matters), carbon cycling, algal blooms, coral reef environmental health and ecosystem connectivity, climate change and anthropogenic influence on coastal/estuarine water quality. As light exists both below and above the surface of the ocean, I approach these problems through 1) characterizing the underwater light field using the state-of-the-art optical equipment; 2) developing satellite remote sensing algorithms and data products specifically targeted to these problems; and 3) integrating these products with other data to understand coastal ocean changes in bio-optical properties as well as their causes and consequences. My current research emphasizes the use of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) to better understand the 3-dimensional light field and algal bloom formation, and high-resolution satellite remote sensing from which customized data products are derived for estuaries, turbid coastal waters, and optically shallow waters (e.g., coral reefs, seagrass).


Present Professor, University of South Florida College of Marine Science



2020 - 2025 Cooperative red tide research program - Reduction of harmful impacts from red tide - Red tide mitigation and technology development initiative
Role: co-PI
2021 - 2023 Remote sensing of marine debris: potentials and limitations
Role: PI
2020 - 2023 Deciphering Sargassum physics, biology, and physiology through PACE measurements: Implications to ocean ecology, biogeochemistry, and management decision support
Role: PI
2019 - 2020 Remote sensing support of red tide studies
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Role: PI
2019 - 2020 Retrospective Analysis of Karenia brevis Blooms on the West Florida Shelf
Role: PI
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Professional Service and Affiliations

2012 - Present Member, NSF OOI Program Advisory Committee
2011 - Present Member, USF Research Misconduct Committee
2011 - Present Chair, USF/CMS Curriculum Committee
2011 - Present Member, USF/CMS Faculty Evaluation Committee
2011 - 2015 Member, USF Honors and Awards Committee
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Honors and Awards

  • 2020 - Member, Academy of Science, Engineering & Medicine of Florida
  • 2019 - Outstanding Graduate Faculty Mentor Award, University of South Florida
  • 2016 - Global Achievement Group Award, University of South Florida
  • 2014 - Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award, University of South Florida
  • 2014 - Outstanding Faculty Award, University of South Florida


  • OCE6934 - Marine Resource Remote Sensing
  • OCE6934 - Optical Oceanography
  • OCE6934 - Marine Resource Remote Sensing


1997 Ph.D., University of Miami
1992 M.S., Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Beijing
1989 B.S., University of Science and Technology of China

Contact Information

Office Phone: (727) 553-3987


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