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Social discourses of healthy eating: A market segmentation approach
Appetite (2010)
  • Polymeros Chrysochou
  • Søren Askegaard, University of Southern Denmark
  • Klaus G. Grunert
  • Dorthe B. Kristensen, University of Southern Denmark

This paper proposes a framework of discourses regarding consumers’ healthy eating as a useful conceptual scheme for market segmentation purposes. The objectives are: (a) to identify the appropriate number of health-related segments based on the underlying discursive subject positions of the framework, (b) to validate and further describe the segments based on their socio-demographic characteristics and attitudes towards healthy eating, and (c) to explore differences across segments in types of associations with food and health, as well as perceptions of food healthfulness. 316 Danish consumers participated in a survey that included measures of the underlying subject positions of the proposed framework, followed by a word association task that aimed to explore types of associations with food and health, and perceptions of food healthfulness. A latent class clustering approach revealed three consumer segments: the Common, the Idealists and the Pragmatists. Based on the addressed objectives, differences across the segments are described and implications of findings are discussed.

  • healthy eating,
  • discourses,
  • Denmark,
  • word association task,
  • latent class clustering,
  • multinomial logistic regression
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Polymeros Chrysochou, Søren Askegaard, Klaus G. Grunert and Dorthe B. Kristensen. "Social discourses of healthy eating: A market segmentation approach" Appetite Vol. 55 Iss. 2 (2010)
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