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Embedded Information Literacy: An Arts & Humanities Model
Research Day (Arts & Humanities, FIMS, and Education)
  • Marni Harrington, The University of Western Ontario
  • Christy Sich, The University of Western Ontario
Start Date
24-3-2010 3:00 PM
End Date
24-3-2010 6:00 PM

With the installation of a new Arts & Humanities Dean and recognizing the need to address the information literacy skills of undergraduates, the faculty and library teamed-up to integrate course design. We piloted an embedded information literacy program for a 3rd year course in the Department of Classical Studies. The implementation was successful due to collaboration with the faculty, department and course instructor as well as the continual assessment, adaptation and evaluation of the course content. Due to the organic nature of this model, it may be adapted to other programs in Arts & Humanities.

Citation Information
Marni Harrington and Christy Sich. "Embedded Information Literacy: An Arts & Humanities Model" (2010)
Available at: