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Blending Two Worlds: Religio-Spirituality in the Professional Lives of Student Affairs Administrators
NASPA Journal (2004)
  • Christy D. Moran, University of Texas at El Paso
  • Gayla D. Curtis, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Student affairs administrators representing four types of institutions were interviewed to determine the role that religio-spirituality plays in their professional lives. Results reveal that most desire more freedom to express this aspect of their identity in that it has a salient impact in how they work with students. However, several reasons are given for the reluctance of many to freely express their religio-spirituality with their colleagues.

  • religion,
  • spirituality,
  • student affairs professionals
Publication Date
Citation Information
Moran, C. D., & Curtis, G. D. (2004). Blending two worlds: Religio-spirituality in the professional lives of student affairs administrators. NASPA Journal, 41(3), 631-646.