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Experimental Determination of the Weiss Temperature of Mn12-Ac and Mn12-Ac-MeOH
Chemistry Faculty Publications
  • Christos Lampropoulos, University of North Florida
  • Shiqi Li
  • Lin Bo
  • Bo Wen
  • M P Sarachik
  • P Subedi
  • A D Kent
  • Y Yeshurun
  • A J Millis
  • S Mukherjee
  • G Christou
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We report measurements of the susceptibility in the temperature range from 3.5 to 6.0 K of a series of Mn12-ac and Mn12-ac-MeOH samples in the shape of rectangular prisms of length lc and square cross section of side la. The susceptibility obeys a Curie-Weiss law, χ=C/(T−θ), where θ varies systematically with sample aspect ratio. Using published demagnetization factors, we obtain θ for an infinitely long sample corresponding to intrinsic ordering temperatures Tc≈0.85 K and ≈0.74 K for Mn12-ac and Mn12-ac-MeOH, respectively. The difference in Tc for two materials that have nearly identical unit cell volumes and lattice constant ratios suggests that, in addition to dipolar interactions, there is a nondipolar (exchange) contribution to the Weiss temperature that differs in the two materials because of the difference in ligand molecules.

Originally published in Physical Review B, 82, 174405, 2010

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Christos Lampropoulos, Shiqi Li, Lin Bo, Bo Wen, et al.. "Experimental Determination of the Weiss Temperature of Mn12-Ac and Mn12-Ac-MeOH" (2010)
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