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The Marxian Hermeneutics of Fredric Jameson
  • Christopher Wise, Western Washington University
The Marxian Hermeneutics of Fredric Jameson is the first comprehensive, book-length study of Jameson's writings, from Marxism and Form (1971) through Postmodernism (1991). Wise begins his discussion by examining Jameson's tripartite hermeneutic, as introduced in The Political Unconscious (1981), in relation to the interpretive systems of Northrop Frye and the Patristics. From Hegelian-Marxist discourse, Jameson's critical methodology is discussed in relation to the writings of Georg Lukács, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Theodor W. Adorno. A central contention of this study is that Jameson's writings are finally comprehensible only within the framework of both Hegelian-Marxism and more «traditional» hermeneutic thought.
  • Fredric Jameson,
  • Christopher Wise Fredric Jameson,
  • Marxist Aesthetics
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Peter Lang
American University Studies, Series 3: Comparative Literature
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Christopher Wise. The Marxian Hermeneutics of Fredric Jameson. New York: Bern, Berlin, Frankfurt/M. Paris, WeinVol. 49 (1995)
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