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About Christopher D Wilkes

There is little sense to be made of Jane Austen unless the reader is willing to read history. Austen's social context is all-powerful in explaining what people felt, how they thought, and what they ended up doing.
This set of articles fill the context gap. They are mostly draft chapters from a book called "Social Jane' which I wrote and published at a later date. Several were written for Women's History Week at Pacific University over several years. The 'Zombies' article is a brief rant I presented at one such gathering. The 'Student Gaze' article is an anomaly. It is a travel article I wrote about student travel for the journal Rendezvous. The rest are more formal and academic.
Jane Austen's writing gives us an insight into the subjectivity of people living in Georgian England. The sociological take, following Bourdieu, is to trace the hierarchies they sought to enter, to investigate the stakes and the struggles that ensued, and to illuminate the history and the emotions of that period.


Present Faculty Member, Pacific University

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