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Foreword: 'Law As...' II, History as Interface for the Interdisciplinary Study of Law
UC Irvine Law Review
  • Christopher L. Tomlins, Berkeley Law
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This issue of the UC Irvine Law Review contains sixteen articles based on papers originally presented at the second "Law As ... " symposium, held March 9-11, 2012, at the University of California, Irvine School of Law. Those works join eighteen articles published by the UC Irvine Law Review in September 2011, following the inaugural "Law As ... " symposium held in April 2010. Together, the two collections (and those to come) comprise a body of research that I believe represents the beginnings of a distinct trajectory in interdisciplinary legal scholarship. This trajectory deploys history as an interpretive practice-that is, as a theory, a methodology, and even a philosophy-by which to engage in research on law. Simultaneously it proposes history as a substantive arena in which other interpretive research practices-those of anthropology, literature, political economy, political science, political theory, rhetoric, and sociology-can engage with law. The result is a capacious interdisciplinary jurisprudence inflected by history rather than by the positivism of the social sciences, which holds out the possibility, a century after their divorce, of reuniting metaphysics with materiality.
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Christopher L. Tomlins. "Foreword: 'Law As...' II, History as Interface for the Interdisciplinary Study of Law" UC Irvine Law Review Vol. 4 (2014) p. 1
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