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Introduction, Part II, Perspectives in Mass Tort Litigation Symposium
Widener Law Journal (2014)
  • Christopher J Robinette, Widener University Commonwealth Law School
Mass tort litigation, the civil justice system's response to a large number of claims deriving from a product or event, is one of the most dynamic, contested, and financially significant areas of tort law. Prominent examples include asbestos litigation, pharmaceutical litigation, the BP oil spill, and the suit by September 11th first responders. Using a system originally designed for individuals to resolve the claims of groups creates many challenges on both a theoretical and practical level.
  • torts,
  • mass torts
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Christopher J Robinette. "Introduction, Part II, Perspectives in Mass Tort Litigation Symposium" Widener Law Journal Vol. 23 Iss. 3 (2014) p. 633
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