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Traffic Safety Data: Expanding the Archive
TREC Project Briefs
  • Christopher Monsere, Portland State University
  • Myenwoo Lim, Portland State University
  • Chengxin Dai, Portland State University
  • Xiaowei Wu, Portland State University
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  • Traffic accidents -- Oregon -- Statistics,
  • Oregon Traffic Safety Archive,
  • Transportation -- Planning -- Oregon
A project expands the capabilities of the Oregon Traffic Safety Data Archive, a tool for helping traffic safety engineers and planners reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

This is a summary of TREC research project 2009-232, which can be found online at:

The Final Report, OTREC-RR-11-28, can be viewed at

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Monsere, Christopher, Myenwoo Lim, Chengxin Dai and Xiaowei Wu. Traffic Safety Data: Expanding the Archive. 2009-232. Portland, OR: Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC), 2013.