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Roles of Maximal Strength and Rate of Force Development in Maximizing Muscular Power
Strength and Conditioning Journal
  • Christopher B. Taber, Sacred Heart University
  • Christopher Bellon, East Tennessee State University
  • Heather Abbott, East Tennessee State University
  • Garett E. Bingham, East Tennessee State University
Document Type
Peer-Reviewed Article
Publication Date
Exercise Science
This brief review encompasses the role of maximal strength and rate of force development in the production of muscular power. It begins with the investigation of power output and its importance for sport. After this basis for power production, this review examines both maximal strength and rate of force development effects on the development of optimal power output. Finally, a rational why maximizing rate of force development during the competition season to achieve success in sport is provided.
Citation Information

Taber, C.B., Bellon, C., Abbott, H., Bringham, G.E. (2016). Roles of maximal strength and rate of force development in maximizing muscular power. Strength and Conditioning Journal, 38(1), 71-78. doi:10.1519/SSC.0000000000000193