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Visualizing and Querying Community Survey Data with Google Maps®
Journal of Extension
  • Christopher J. Seeger, Iowa State University
  • Craig Hertel, Iowa State University
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This article describes how an online survey was enhanced using Google Maps® to visualize public concerns regarding a community's water/sewer quality while revealing patterns that could indicate a potential source of the identified problems. Online surveys have become part of the standard toolkit for many County Extension Offices; however, these tools are limited when it comes to surveys involving geospatial information. Through a few simple steps when developing the survey, collected data can be converted for use in a GIS or online geospatial viewer.

This is an article from Journal of Extension, 47:5 (2009); 5IAW3. Posted with permission.

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Christopher J. Seeger and Craig Hertel. "Visualizing and Querying Community Survey Data with Google Maps®" Journal of Extension Vol. 47 Iss. 5 (2009) p. 5IAW3
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