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Davis County Community School — I-WALK Report 2014
I-WALK Reports
  • Christopher J. Seeger, Iowa State University
  • Bailey A. Hanson, Iowa State University
  • Lydia Levinson, Iowa State University
  • Mariah Bakke, Iowa State University
  • Hannah Luloff, Iowa State University
  • Austin Javellana, Iowa State University
  • Catherine J. Lillehoj, Iowa Department of Public Health
  • Sarah T. Watts, Iowa Department of Public Health
In the past three decades, the number of obese and overweight individuals in Iowa and across the nation has skyrocketed. With obesity comes the greater risk of health complications and life expectancy reduction. As a result, the current generation of youth face a new and growing threat to their overall quality of life. In Iowa alone, 37.1% of 3rd grade students are identified as either overweight or obese.
Series Title
Iowans Walking Assessment Logistics Kit: A Community Walkability Program
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Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

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Christopher J. Seeger, Bailey A. Hanson, Lydia Levinson, Mariah Bakke, et al.. "Davis County Community School — I-WALK Report 2014" Ames(2014)
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