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Progress in the Development of Adaptive Nitride-Based Coatings for High Temperature Tribological Applications
Surface and Coatings Technology
  • Samir M. Aouadi, University of North Texas
  • Brandon Luster, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Punit Kohli, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Christopher Muratore, University of Dayton
  • Andrey A. Voevodin, Air Force Research Laboratory
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Adaptive tribological coatings were recently developed as a new class of smart materials that were designed to adjust their surface chemical composition and structure as a function of changes in the working environment to minimize friction coefficient and wear between contact surfaces. This paper provides an overview of the current research developments in this field, including: (1) Chameleon nanocomposite coatings which are produced by depositing a multi-phase structure whereby some of the phases provide mechanical strength and others are lubricious; (2) Micro- and nano-textured coatings which consist of hard nitride films with highly ordered micropores and nanopores that are subsequently filled with solid lubricants using various techniques such as lithography, reactive ion etching, laser texturing, pulsed air arc treatment, and ceramic beads as placeholders for sputter deposition; and, (3) Carbon and nitride nanotubes that are filled electrochemically with solid lubricants. The frictional and wear properties of the above three classes of newly developed adaptive structures, tested in various controlled environmental conditions (temperature, humidity), will be discussed in detail.
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Samir M. Aouadi, Brandon Luster, Punit Kohli, Christopher Muratore, et al.. "Progress in the Development of Adaptive Nitride-Based Coatings for High Temperature Tribological Applications" Surface and Coatings Technology Vol. 204 Iss. 6-7 (2009)
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