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Multilayered YSZ–Ag–Mo/TiN adaptive tribological nanocomposite coatings
Tribology Letters
  • Christopher Muratore, University of Dayton
  • Andrey A. Voevodin, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Jianjun Hu, University of Dayton
  • Jeffrey S. Zabinski, Air Force Research Laboratory
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Adaptive nanocomposite coatings provide low friction in broad ranges of environmental conditions through the formation of lubricious surfaces resulting from interactions with the ambient atmosphere. Designing adaptive coatings to withstand wear through repeated thermal cycles is particularly difficult since most demonstrate irreversible changes in surface composition and morphology. This permanent change in the condition of the surface limits the utility of adaptive coatings in applications where thermal cycling is expected. Moreover, some lubrication mechanisms occur over the entire coating surface in addition to the area experiencing wear, which results in a significant waste of lubricant. In an effort to increase the wear lifetime and move toward thermal cycling capabilities of solid adaptive lubricants, a multilayer coating architecture incorporating two layers of adaptive YSZ–Ag–Mo nanocomposite lubricant separated by a TiN diffusion barrier was produced. The multilayer coating lasted over five times longer than a monolithic adaptive coating of identical composition and total thickness for dry sliding tests at 500 °C in air. Analysis of the structure and composition of the films after heating suggests directed, lateral diffusion of lubricant beneath the diffusion barrier toward the wear scar as a mechanism for the increased wear life of the multilayer coating.
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Christopher Muratore, Andrey A. Voevodin, Jianjun Hu and Jeffrey S. Zabinski. "Multilayered YSZ–Ag–Mo/TiN adaptive tribological nanocomposite coatings" Tribology Letters Vol. 24 Iss. 3 (2006)
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