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Low-Temperature Nitriding of Stainless Steel in an Electron Beam Generated Plasma
Surface and Coatings Technology
  • Christopher Muratore, University of Dayton
  • Darrin Leonhardt, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Scott G. Walton, Naval Research Laboratory
  • David D. Blackwell, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Richard F. Fernsler, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Robert A. Meger, Naval Research Laboratory
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An electron beam generated plasma processing system was characterized with in situ diagnostics and employed for a series of low energy (350 eV) stainless steel nitriding experiments in the temperature range of 325–462 °C. Plasma characterization yielded quantitative ion specie fluxes to the stainless steel workpiece in an argon–nitrogen plasma, with a significant fraction of the flux comprised of N+ ions. The nitriding rates were as high as 20 μm h−1/2 with surface layers exhibiting hardness values of approximately 15.5 GPa for specimens processed at all temperatures. X-ray diffraction analysis revealed nitrogen concentrations of approximately 30 at.% in all samples processed below 460 °C. The process activation energy was comparable to that in nitriding systems with higher ion fluxes, suggesting favorable plasma chemistry with respect to plasma nitriding applications.
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Christopher Muratore, Darrin Leonhardt, Scott G. Walton, David D. Blackwell, et al.. "Low-Temperature Nitriding of Stainless Steel in an Electron Beam Generated Plasma" Surface and Coatings Technology Vol. 191 Iss. 2-3 (2005)
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