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Cross-Plane Thermal Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Applied Physics Letters
  • Christopher Muratore, University of Dayton
  • Vikas Varshney, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Jaime J. Gengler, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Jianjun Hu, University of Dayton
  • John E. Bultman, University of Dayton
  • Timothy M. Smith, Ohio State University - Main Campus
  • Patrick J. Shamberger, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Bo Qiu, Purdue University
  • Xiulin Ruan, Purdue University
  • Ajit K. Roy, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Andrey A. Voevodin, Air Force Research Laboratory
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In this work, we explore the thermal properties of hexagonal transition metal dichalcogenide compounds with different average atomic masses but equivalent microstructures. Thermal conductivity values of sputtered thin films were compared to bulk crystals. The comparison revealed a >10 fold reduction in thin film thermal conductivity. Structural analysis of the films revealed a turbostratic structure with domain sizes on the order of 5–10 nm. Estimates of phonon scattering lengths at domain boundaries based on computationally derived group velocities were consistent with the observed film microstructure, and accounted for the reduction in thermal conductivity compared to values for bulk crystals.
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Christopher Muratore, Vikas Varshney, Jaime J. Gengler, Jianjun Hu, et al.. "Cross-Plane Thermal Properties of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides" Applied Physics Letters Vol. 102 (2013)
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