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Barriers to inquiry-based instruction: A longitudinal study of history teachers.
Journal of Teacher Education (2020)
  • Christopher C. Martell, University of Massachusetts Boston
While there has been an increased focus on inquiry-based learning in teacher preparation programs, little is known about the influences of these programs on teacher development over time. Using activity theory as its theoretical framework, the researcher employed a longitudinal interpretative case study design to examine the development of three history teachers’ conceptual and practical tools from their methods course through their fifth year or exit from the classroom. The findings revealed that, while the teachers had inquiry-aligned beliefs and developed inquiry-related conceptual tools, a lack of practical tools and support during teacher preparation and within their eventual communities of practice had a major impact on their ability to frequently implement inquiry in their classrooms. Recommendations are offered for teacher preparation and inservice professional development programs.
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Christopher C. Martell. "Barriers to inquiry-based instruction: A longitudinal study of history teachers." Journal of Teacher Education (2020)
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